Appelhout respects your privacy and uses personal information only for the purposes you provide them for. This will be done in conformation with the Dutch Privacy law related to Personal details: Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens en de Telecommunicatiewet.

Name company: Appelhout
Chamber of Commerce number: 66039339
VAT nummer: 856369482B01

a. In the context of an agreement we can make your deals on similar products and services, provided you have no opposition in the provision thereof. The possibility of lodging a statement of opposition is communicated at the time you provide the information to us. Furthermore, given the possibility of any communication to a retrial under the same conditions against further use of your email address.
b. When collecting your email address for reasons other than in the context of an agreement, it is not used for the transmission of unsolicited communications if you do not have permission granted to us before.

We use the postal address you provide only for sending information and products you explicitly asked us to send you. The optional payment address noted on the invoice will only be used for the creation of the invoice itself.

We will not use your telephone number for other commercial use, then to contact you regarding any orders.

Your personal details will not be kept longer than for the necessary duration in order to process them relating to the purpose they were initially kept. Other personal information will only be processed, if (by the means of cookies or otherwise), and only if:

a. the information is necessary for:

– the execution of an agreement which is made with you; – the proper execution of a public civil task; ;

– defending our legitimate interest (unless you interests or fundamental rights and freedoms prevail over the interest), or;

b. you have given us consent to the processing in collecting them.

The information collected is used only internally in our organization and will not be disclosed to other organizations.

When we transfer or receive your data via our website, we always use encryption technologies. These are recognized as common standards within the IT sector.

The information of our customers we save, is as little as possible. Next to that we always try to not safe any especially sensitive personal information, unless it is not possible.

On special request, we will communicate all personal information we store of them, to the visitor of our website. Incorrect information can be corrected, changed or deleted. In the case you want to request access to the personal information which we have of you, we ask you to get in touch with the (e-mail) address below.

If you have any remarks or comments on this privacy policy, you are welcome to get in touch with us by e-mail:

You can write to us;

Appelhout Amsterdam
Krom Boomssloot 3-HS
1011GP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

This privacy policy kan at any time be changed. If this may happen, we will share these revisions on this page or will inform you on this by e-mail.

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